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With reference to notification by the Govt. of West Bengal, Directorate of Technical Education- “Ragging in Educational Institutions, in any form, is prohibited by Law and if anyone is found to be guilty of Ragging, he/ she will liable to be punished under the provisions of Section-4, 5 & 6 of West Bengal Prohibition of Ragging in Educational Institutional Act 2000 (WB Act XIII of 2000)”. An anti-ragging Cell has been setup in our Institution to prevent any kind of Ragging strictly. This cell is constituted with Management, Principal, Faculty members, Govt. officials & Student representatives. The anti- ragging cell is very strong and active against any type of ragging since it establishment. As a result, NS Polytechnic College has introduced itself as a Ragging-Free Campus now.



It Co-ordinates to monitor the activities of anti-ragging committee, Squad and mentoring cell regarding compliance with the instructions on conducting orientation programmers’, counseling session etc and regarding the incident of ragging, problem face by warden  and other officials. If Review to publicize anti-ragging measure to initiate appropriate actions.







Monitoring mechanism in anti-ragging cell at NS Polytechnic College



1. Anti-Ragging Committee:-It has been duly constituted, being headed by the principal along with active representation of civil and Police Admistration, Local Media, Non-Govt. Organization, Faculty Member, Parents, Students and Non Teaching Staff. The committee is responsible to ensure compliance with the regulation and other provision of law concerning ragging.






2. Anti-Ragging Squad: - we have a strong squad nominated by the Principal with dedicated representation of various members of the campus community to maintain vigil. Oversight and patrolling functions and shall remain mobile, alert and active at all times.



Squad’s activities at a glance:-


1. Conducts surprise raids on hostels, other vulnerable place to incidents having potential for ragging being duly empowered to inspect at any time.

2. It conducts on-the spot enquiry into any incidents of ragging referred to it.

3. It submits prompt reports along with recommendation to the Anti-Ragging Committee.

The management, Head of the institution, Faculty members, Non-Teaching staff are very much conscious to take adequate measures for prevention of ragging as they deserve the responsibility and liability in all respect.


Anti-ragging committee has the power to take appropriate decision regarding punishment or otherwise depending on the nature and gravity of the incident of ragging against students/staffs.



3. Mentoring Cell: - At the end of each academic year, a mentoring cell is constituted in order to promote the objectives of these regulations with the representation of students volunteering to be mentors for fresher’s of different level depending upon the number of batches.





Grievance Redressal:-

All Students/Staffs have the liberty for grievance redressal to ensure peaceful environment with due regards to human resources by measuring duties, rights, obligations and behavioral limitations.




Committee for sexual Harassment at the office premises:-


As there is equality in all respect irrespective of sex among the student/staffs, a committee has been duly constituted to observe any such incident relating to sexual harassment at the office premises/campus. The Committee duly empowered to measure and to recommend for punishment or exemption to the authority as per rule.


Honorable Supreme Court order on Ragging